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The Sweetest Girl

Inspired by true events, it's a compelling and provocative love story, set in Haiti, haunted by human trafficking and gun violence. It's about a loving marriage of 25 years that comes to a deadly end when, a husband is compelled to tell his wife his most heart shattering secret of her death bed.

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Featuring the amazing Keba Williams, Stages takes us through the different phases of emotions he/she puts you through.

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Mystery Girl

Mystery Girl takes us through the journey of love at 1st sight.



"DBJ is a consummate entertainer/artist who has performed in many different arenas large and small sharing his love, dedication and passion for music with the world."

Meet Daniel Bartley of DBJr in North Miami

"Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
DBJr (Daniel Bartley Jr) is a musical Artist/Singer-Songwriter and a brand focused on creating a community around RnB/Soul music..."

Multi-talented artist Daniel Bartley Jr. aka DBJ

[MIAMI] – The multi-talented producer, singer/songwriter and composer Daniel Bartley Jr., known to his fans as DBJ, has joined the much-anticipated upcoming film, “The Sweetest Girl: A Forbidden Love Story.” DBJ will produce and be one of the composers for the short film.

May is Haitian Heritage Month

"Then it's fitting to touch on the short film "The Sweetest Girl." It's a love story set in Haiti that Desourvre wrote and fellow Haitian composer Daniel Bartley Jr. created the score.

Bartley said embracing his heritage has influenced his art."