I Help Organizations Realize their Vision through Music.

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Daniel Bartley Jr. (DBJ) had the honor of being the Lead Composer of the critically acclaimed and Oscar bound short film "The Sweetest Girl". The Sweetest Girl is a universal and transcendent short film of love, hope, and redemption. To date the short film has garnered several awards and commendations. 

Movie Theatre


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Award winning composer DBJ, is the CEO of ElijahAmor Studios the premier commercial music resource for enterprise level brands, businesses, and artists.

ElijahAmor Studios specializes in bringing our clients' music production projects to life. Whether it be feature films, A-List Artist projects, TV Commercials, or Network TV shows, EAS is the primary resource for taking any project to the next level.

Recording Studio

Music Production & Sync

We bring your vision to life. Our immersive, emotion provoking music, will take your project to the finish line. The passion, expertise, and professionalism we bring to commercial music is legendary.


EAS Sounds

Bring your productions to the next level with EAS Sounds. Custom loops, vocals, keys, orchestrations, and beats have been created to give you a launching point for new ideas. We also create specific projects based on availability and client need. Click below for more details. (COMING SOON)

Music Concert

Live Music Production

At ElijahAmor Studios we pride ourselves in creating tailored experiences for our clients. We have the capability of delivering to your expectations.

Music Education

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Since 2010 ElijahAmor Studios has been the premier music lesson's and music career consultation resource. We are driven to equip our clients with applicable knowledge for all their musical endeavors, whether professional or hobbyist.


ElijahAmor Partnerships

ElijahAmor Partnerships seeks to broaden the scope of your business by bringing value through music. Whether we are building temporary or longterm relationships, our goal is to bring value to your brand and help you achieve all of your business goals.



Sample some of the current projects from ElijahAmor Studios.



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